Tests performed in the course of the surveying process:

1. Non-destructive determination of the compressive strength of concrete

A key test giving information about the load bearing capacity of concrete and reinforced concrete structures
Instrument: Sclerometer SILVER SCHMIDT
BS EN 12504-2
BS EN 13791:2007/NA

2. Quality of concrete and existence of hidden defects

Discovery of defects in structures and poor quality of building workmanship
Instrument: Ultrasonic pulse velocity tester PROSEQ
BS EN 12504-4

3. Concrete carbonization test

Thickness of carbonized layer causing deterioration of the protective properties of concrete with respect to reinforcement (decreased pH environment)
Test method: Colorimetric analysis with phenolphthalein solution
BS CR 12793

4. Sample compressive strength test

Measuring the compressive strength of samples of newly built structures or of test specimens from existing buildings or facilities
Test method: Testing specimens in a compression press at accredited laboratory for building structures testing
BS EN 12504-1
BS EN 12390-3

5. Corrosion risk within reinforced concrete

Measuring the surface resistance of concrete
Instrument: Profometer Corrosion
ASTM C 876-09

6. Crack depth and width measurement

This is a method proving the quality of the structures that have undergone some damages
Instrument: Ultrasonic pulse velocity tester PROSEQ, magnifying glass for cracks
BS EN 12504-4

7. Measuring the reinforcement within the reinforced concrete structure

Diameter of and distance between reinforcing bars: a basic test providing information about the load bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete structure
BS 1881 Part 204

8. Calculation of concrete nominal cover

Proving the durability of the structure from the perspective of corrosion resistance and presence of sufficient adhesion between concrete and reinforcement

9. Geometric parameters

Dimensions of the structural elements, structural distances, diameters of reinforcement elements or thickness of steel elements
Instrument: BOSCH laser measure, calliper, levelling device